Hello, my name is Hope and I would like to welcome you to my Inspiring Emotions website.  The ultimate goal of Inspiring Emotions is to inspire you through holistic health, and my photography.  Rarely will I be without my camera or a little bag of Crystals and pendulum – it’s amazing how many things can be an inspiration: the beauty of Mother Nature, the intrigue of human nature and the simplicity of what surrounds us. 

My training and practice began in 2005.  Over the years I have realized that my path is to educate and work with clients on holistic health and different modalities by supporting an individual's path to cultivate, cleanse and revitalize.  
It is reasonable to expect the doctor to recognize that science may not have all the answers to problems of health and healing. 
~ Norman Cousins

Hope Clark B.A. Reiki Master Teacher
“The greatest path to healing begins from the inside…”

Certified in:
River Rock Massage for Reflexology
Reiki Master Teacher
Reiki Spirit Kids ages: 5 to 16—1st Degree
Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing for Reiki
Tibetan Vita Flex
Indian Head massage
Therapeutic Touch Level III
Thermo Ocular Therapy (Ear Candling)
Metaphysical Photography

Consultations & Assessments
House Clearing
Open Circle/Meditation
Volunteer for Charitable Functions
Reiki/Healing Shares
Workshops in Metaphysical Photography

Reiki Level 1 - $150.00 / 1 day workshop

Pre-Requisite: Reiki One
Reiki Level 2 - $250.00 / 2 day workshop

Pre-Requisite: Reiki Two
Reiki Level 3 - $500.00 / 3 day workshop

Reiki Spirit Kids - ages 5 to 16 - 1st Degree $99.00 / 1 days workshop


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Hope Clark B.A. Reiki Master Teacher
London, Ontario 

“the greatest path to healing begins from the inside…”


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